Website, App, and Communication Information

Posted by Havertown Hoops on Dec 02 2019 at 01:04PM PST in Fall 2019 - Summer 2020

Website -
At this point, everyone should have received an invitation to join their child’s team(s) on our website (if you didn’t, find your child’s team on our website and click ‘Join Team’). You should receive automatic reminders about practices/games, alerts about game changes/cancelations, and be able to receive communication from the coaches through the site. For the best use of our website, you should be logged in while navigating the site.

TeamPages App –
Havertown Hoops also has a mobile phone application that allows you to view and sync your child’s schedule, communicate with your team, and mark your child’s attendance for practices/games.
- The Events tab in the app allows you to view upcoming and past games. The sync button in the upper left corner will add the schedule to your phone’s calendar.
If you click one of the events, you can get directions to the facility and mark your child’s attendance for the event.
- The Messages tab allows you to send alerts/emails to other members of your team.

Cancelations -
If we have to postpone an event because of weather, here are the four channels of communication. Please note: we will only send a notification if the event is canceled.
- Email notification from the league (if you’re receiving this email, you will receive the cancelation email)
- Email notification from the website (if you received the invitation to join TeamPages, you will receive that email)
- Email from the coach
- Text alert
In order to receive text alerts, you need to add your cell number and cell service provider to your child’s account on the system you registered them on.
Each player can only have one phone number linked.

Social Media -
We use our pages primarily to post pictures, present awards, and share initiatives. It’s not the best way to receive information about game changes/cancelations.
- Facebook: @HavertownHoops
- Instagram: @HavertownHoops


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